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Our main goal is to allow our agents to focus on what they do best, selling.  We do this by taking away as much responsilibity as possible.  Leverage the Team and grow your business.  

Since 2020 we have helped over 400 families totaling over $410m in sales volume.  

About Onyx Homes

Sell More Houses

Focus more of your time doing what you got into the business to do.  Sell.  

Our Team is built on a foundation that allows our agents to focus more of their time on income generating activities.  

We have a ton of lead opportunities for our agents to take advantage of. 

Zillow Flex

We only service Orange County leads and have an average price point over $1m with our Zillow leads.

Homelight Elite

Access to more seller opportunities as one of only a few Homelight elite partners in Orange County.


Leverage our database of over 25,000 leads that we have invested in for you. 

High Standards

We are looking for high energy Agents that are looking to level up their business.  We offer a lot to our Agents, and we have very high expectations in return.  

If you feel that you can handle a large amount of new clients, we should talk.  

Our biggest problem is that we generate more opportunities than our agents can handle.  A good problem, but still a problem.  

Build Your Brand

Your commission split to your team or brokerage is an investment into your business. 

Onyx Homes allows you to leverage your name and your brand.  Use Onyx Homes to elevate your personal brand, not to take away from it.  

Proven Process

Agents that are willing to follow a proven process and put in the work will level up.  

Our Proven Process + Your Hard Work + Best Tech in the Industry = Formula for Success

We are not a traditional brokerage, we are a Team.  

There is no other company that will offer you the support, training, resources and opportunities that we do.  This is why we're one of the fastest growing Teams in Southern California.  

Do some homework on us, talk so some of our agents & book your interview today!

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