What Does a Buyer's Agent Do?

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    Here is a list of what the average buyer's agent does...

    1. Open door

    2. Make too much money


    Actually, yes. In a lot of cases, that is what it feels like to the consumer, to you.

    Which is no surprise to me because most consumers think (or at least act) like all buyer agents are the same.

    This may shock you... You have a 49% chance of working with an agent who has done zero to one deal in the last 12 months. ZERO TO ONE. Meaning they have no idea what they're doing. So yes, it probably would feel like they're just opening doors and making too much money.

    Pro-Tip: Not all agents are created equal.

    If you were going to the dentist, I don't think you'd choose to work with someone who has zero experience. I know I wouldn't. I hate going to the dentist, and the idea of someone who doesn't know what they're doing makes it 100x worse.

    On the other hand, working with true professionals (in any field) can make your life much easier.

    Here are a list of a few of the things our team does for our buyer clients...

    • Find and filter through off-market homes (ones that aren't on Zillow)
    • Buyer Strategy Sessions
    • Filter through the MLS to find opportunities our clients miss online (you're probably missing the best deals)
    • Create 'done for you' tours on your schedule (this saves you hours of coordinating and planning)
    • Manage and walk you through your paperwork (500+ documents) at no extra cost
    • Leverage our relationships to get more intel than other agents (aka negotiate)

    Like I said, not all agents are created equal.

    Our team negotiated a total of $1.2m in savings for our clients in 2023. In a year where most homes were selling at or above list price. Yes, I am proud of this number, but it gets better. It doesn't factor in the homes that we were able to secure for our clients that they HAD TO HAVE.

    One thing you'll hear me say often is that our team is very rarely the first Realtor® that someone has talked to. Because we offer so much valuable info to the public and have such happy clients most of our clients find us online when searching for 'Best Realtor near me' or get referred from one of our happy clients.

    There is a ton of noise in the real estate industry with the changes to buyer agency and most agents are panicking. While they're trying to figure out how they're going to 'earn' business, what we do with our clients won't even need to change.

    We are huge on transparency, and the best way we show that is through sending helpful info (like this).

    One thing that we always suggest to anyone who is considering moving is to set up a Buyer Strategy Session. This is one of the things that I mentioned earlier that our clients have found very helpful.

    In these Buyer Strategy Sessions, we cover three major things...

    1. What our clients are doing to take advantage of this market

    2. How we keep you protected through the entire process

    3. How we get you the best deal possible, whatever the circumstances

    After finishing, our clients feel confident about the home-buying process. These sessions can take between 20 minutes to 2 hours, it really depends on how many questions you ask.

    If you're thinking about making a move anytime soon, does that sound like a bad idea?

    Here is how you can sign up for your Buyer Strategy Session. Go to BecomeABetterBuyer.com or reach out to your Onyx Agent directly. 

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