What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

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    Being a real estate agent is pretty simple. Right?

    Most people have a perception that we don't do a whole lot. They think We get to look at pretty houses and pose in front of cars (you know what I'm talking about).

    TV has made real estate agent's job look either easy or glamorous.

    I've found that most people don't really know what their real estate agent can do for them. Oftentimes, they find out after the fact that they should have asked for help much sooner than they did.

    Unpopular opinion: Real Estate Agents aren't just for 'finding and sending' you houses. There are websites like Zillow and SoCalHomesForSale.com for that. Set up your saved search, and you'll get updated as often as you'd like.

    Yes, we do find off-market opportunities for our clients all the time, but that's not why people work with us. At least not the main reason.

    I put a list of things that your real estate agent should be doing for you. If your agent isn't doing these things, you should probably talk with one of our Onyx Homes Agents.... This list is in no particular order:

    Real Estate Advisor

    Think of your financial advisor but for your real estate portfolio. You should be having an annual conversation (at least) about your plans with real estate—a home equity review, as well as any future plans for moving, renovations, etc.

    A text I received from a client last week, "Bathroom leak... Time to remodel it. Question: If I remove the shower/tub combo and make it just a shower, will I lower my home's value?"

    This is the same client that has asked for advice on almost every update they've done to their house. SMART. When they go to sell that property, they know what upgrades they did just for them and what upgrades they did to increase value.

    If you haven't heard from your agent since you closed on your home, it's time for a new agent :). Also, if your agent hasn't given you an annual Equity Review, you can click here to get started on yours with us.

    Protect you and your home

    At the heart of our brand, Onyx Homes, our purpose is to protect our clients and their real estate. If you don't know... onyx is a stone that has a meaning of protection.

    If you're looking for a vendor, referral or almost anything for your home, start with your agent. We deal with a ton of people in the industry. We know who we like, and more importantly, we know who we don't like.

    If you're having an issue with your home, neighborhood, HOA, or anything, we've likely dealt with something similar.

    Is your home in a trust? It should be.

    Nationwide Coverage

    Real Estate Agents should focus on their area of expertise. Yet, you shouldn't leave your agent to chance. If you're looking at real estate in an area your agent doesn't service, ask them who they should be working with.

    We have relationships with agents throughout the country. We can connect you with the absolute best agent in your area.

    Another unpopular opinion: It's probably not the one that drops off a calendar every year on your front porch.

    Investing in Real Estate

    Have you talked to your agent about investing in real estate? If you have ANY plans at all, you should be having that conversation WAY ahead of time. Buying or selling your primary residence is very different than the investing world.

    Have your agent educate you on what you need to know. If you're an expert in investing, reply to this email with your buy-box, and I'll add you to our investor list. We just sent out a great deal that our client put under contract last week (off-market deal).

    Pre and post-sale

    Because a lot of our clients find us online (you probably did unless you were referred to us), we are not the first agent. They've already had a bad experience with someone else.

    I've noticed two major problems consumers make... One, most consumers wait until the last minute to get their agent involved. Rushing this process doesn't do you any benefits. Two, consumers use whichever agent is closest to them when they're ready. Don't do that.

    Your agent should be earning the business by adding a tremendous amount of value to your real estate deal(s). You are paying your agent whether you're buying or selling. You're dealing with a TON of money, so you owe it to yourself to use the best.

    The best agents earn their commission way before and after a sale. We only get paid when a deal actually closes, but we work for our clients for the long term (at least we do at Onyx Homes). Take advantage of that service. Ask questions and ask for help.

    There are a lot more, and frankly, it depends on what you need in your personal situation.

    If you need a better real estate agent in your life, reply to this email, and let's chat.

    PS - Equity Review for the holidays! If you want an updated analysis of your home's value and market conditions, we have two steps:

    1. Go to this link and drop in your address. We'll ask some questions to get more information. You'll receive a rough estimate of your home's value right away.

    2. Then one of our Local Experts will reach out for more info to give you a custom Market Analysis on your home's value.

    PPS - Gearing up to start shopping at the new year? Get ahead of the curve by setting up your saved search on SoCalHomesForSale.com.

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