Are you waiting for interest rates to fall?

If you've watched any news headlines over the last year, you've seen a lot of talk about interest rates.

We talk to a LOT of people who are thinking about making a move, and the most common thing we're hearing right now is that rates are too high.

Understandable, with rates increasing from 2.5% to 7% in just a year and a half.

However with so many people all waiting for rates to fall... what happens when they actually do come down?

Well... it's rather simple. There will be a lot more people looking at homes and writing offers. This means an increase in demand.

With no signs showing of more homes being on the market, this likely means we'll see an increase in multiple offer situations and an increase in prices.

But when we dive deeper in most of these conversations, we find that the real issue really isn't the fact that interest rates are higher. It's usually something else. That could be a number of different things...

Often times, we find that people aren't sure what they can actually afford. At the end of the day, unless you're paying cash, what is important is that your down payment and monthly payments are in your comfort zone.

An easy way to find out what you're able to afford is to visit a Mortgage Calculator, we have one on our website, Onyx Homes. This allows you to move numbers around to see where you feel your budget is.

Obviously this is what I call, 'napkin math' and you'll need to talk to a lender to get a more accurate number, but this will get you started.

Once you have a better idea of what your budget is, our advice is to go to and see what homes fit that budget. Go window shopping and see if you like anything that you see. You might be surprised.

If you want us to run these numbers for you, just reach out and let us know what your comfortable monthly payment and down payment are.

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