Then vs. Now

Trying to explain the housing market for the last two years has been difficult.  What I've taken away from sending our weekly newsletter over the last year is that the market is fast.

Faster than it's been in a very long time. 

The real estate market has gone up straight up since February of 2012, when the median sale price in Orange County was $375k. 

Yes, there have been ups and downs.  Yet, it's been a pretty obvious narrative.  Real estate in Orange County (and the whole country) is becoming more valuable over time. 

Why does that make explaining what is going on in the market place hard?  The answer is that we've been seeing buyers react extremely fast to any shift in the market. 

As I'm writing this, our Team saw a complete change within the last 6 weeks. 

6 weeks ago, we were getting massive credits for our buyers to buy down their interest rates, significant discounts off price and more.

The last three weeks, we've had 37 buyers write offers and all but one were in multiple offer situations. Good news for our clients, we saw this coming.  Simply from a massive uptick on our website activity from the weeks prior. 

We brought back our game plan that was extremely successful over the last few years. 

If you want to learn more about what our clients are doing to be successful, head over to our website @ 

If you're thinking about selling in this market, it's crucial that you hire an agent that knows what is happening, now.  An agent who does a deal here and there will not know what changed from last week to this week. 

Market knowledge. One of the biggest benefits of working with a Team like ours, that has hundreds of active clients. 

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