The State of the Real Estate Market

Not very many people expected this year to start the way it has.

If you've been following me for a while, you've heard a lot about our clients who were 'taking advantage of the market.'

Now that we're at the start of 2024, I can share with you what we've seen happen over the first few weeks of the year.

There was no flood of new listings that came to the market. The same amount as last year at this time have been listed. Which is not very many at all...

Buyers all did exactly what they said they were going to do. "Start looking at the beginning of the year."

... the result?

Bidding wars are back. With inventory (active and new listings) so low, we have seen multiple offers on almost every listing. Again. While that has happened, interest rates have quietly climbed back up to the 7% range.

This market is moving fast.

One thing that I have been very proud of is the dedication to keep you (our clients & followers) educated on what is really happening. We have put out a Monthly Market Update every month for almost two years. If you want to see the most recent and past updates, you can read them on our website.

Even with all those updates and sending out this weekly newsletter, there is more that you need to know.

There is way too much information to put into an email newsletter, so we've decided to host our first "State of the Market" event. For now, this is a virtual event that you can sign up for.

I'm about halfway through making the presentation, and it's taken me about 7 hours to get this far. So, it's definitely too long for this newsletter. I am doing my best to digest everything that we're seeing in the market into a presentation that is easy to understand. This event will be live this weekend and will share four major points...

  • A quick overview of who we are (and why you would listen to what we have to say)
  • Deep dive on the market update
  • What we see coming soon
  • Next steps for those wanting to make a move

If you're the type of person who wants to really know what is going on, you'll want to be at this event. It will be a live digital event (webinar style) where you can ask questions, and I'll answer them live.

This event will go WAY more in-depth in to what we're seeing live in the market right now. We have a pretty good bearing on what is happening because we talk to so many people who are looking to make a move.

So far this year, we've already done over 40 deals, and we talk to thousands of people who are considering making a move. I don't share that for any other reason than we know what we're doing, AND we are out in the field, in the market.

It will also be for our local market. I'm pulling all this together for the Orange County market. These won't be big national numbers that don't speak to what we see in our neighborhoods.

If you like being in the know, sign up for the event.

Save your seat for the State of the Market event - CLICK HERE

I'm looking forward to answering your questions live!

... now if you have plans and can't make it to the live event, you should still register because I'll send you the replay.

Also, feel free to invite any of your friends who you think would also like it. Here is the link you can send them:

See you soon!

Christian Stubbs

Owner & Team Leader of

PS - Save your seat for the event even if you can't make it. We'll also add you to the list for future events. This will be our first one; I think you'll like it. If you do, we will do this more often.

Sign-up for the Live Free State of the Market Event - Click Here

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