Start Here If You Are Moving in 2024

If you're like me, you take some time at the end of the year to reflect.

... and if you're anything like most people, it's easy to reflect on your living situation.

A lot of people we're talking to this week have told us that they're finally ready to make a change.

Upgrade to something bigger, get that extra bedroom for an office, or even downsize into a single level.

Whatever move you're thinking about making, here are some ideas to keep you updated...

New Inventory! Finally, we are seeing homes hit the market. Our photographer is booked two weeks out. Click here to view all the new homes hitting the market. Set up your saved search for the stuff you like.

Look at new inventory here! 

Price reductions! Sellers (some, not all) realized that they started too high and are trying to catch the market (don't do this if you're a seller). Click here to see all the price reductions. This is where most buyers look to find the best deal. I have a secret, though... it's usually not the best place for the hidden deals.

Look at price reductions here! 

Deal hunter! This is the list you'll want to look at. These are properties that have been on the market longer than average. Especially right now, they've been on the market through the holidays and are ready to make a deal. Don't miss out on this list - click here.

Look at properties that have been on the market for longer than average here! 

*Pro-tip: You will need to go see these listings in person. Most of the best deals look the worst online. Bad pictures = Good deals. Trust me. If you're selling a home anytime soon, I hope you're paying attention!

Getting prepared. If you've been following along on these newsletters for a while, you've heard this before. Get prepared way before you're actually ready to move.

Here are some definitions for moving timelines:

90 Days = You need to be ready to go now (like yesterday). This is an extremely fast timeline.

6 Months = You're way closer than you think. What actually happens in 6 months? You should be out looking at neighborhoods and narrowing your list of potentials areas.

1 Year = Start to game-plan. Go out looking at areas, neighborhoods, and homes. Cross off the areas you hate, narrow on your ideal home. If the perfect home popped up four months before you were "ready," what would you do?

*Pro-Tip 2: The one-year mark is the perfect time to get your realtor involved. If your realtor doesn't want to help until you're "ready" or worse.. pre-approved, it's time for a better experience.

2 Years = Sit back and relax. Unless you're going to be selling a home, then it's time for a walkthrough with your Realtor to get a checklist of projects. Our favorite thing to do is put the least amount of money into a home to raise the value. The more time you have, the easier this is. Do yourself a favor and do it sooner than you think.

Hope you found this helpful!

If you have any topics you'd like to hear more about, shoot me a reply.

PS - I'm thinking about hosting a webinar for home buyers. If you (or anyone you know) would be interested, let me know.

I'm big on 1-1 consultations, yet I know a lot of people like more information without the commitment for a 1-1.

I would be happy to put it together. Just send me a message!

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