Our most valuable real estate insights in 2023

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    I’ve sent our Friday newsletter every week this year. My goal is to share useful information with you so that when you decide to buy, sell, or invest in the housing market, you'll be well-informed. My team went through the newsletters from all of 2023 and picked out the ones that people liked the most. Whether you're new here or just want a refresher, here are the top 5 newsletters from 2023 :

    1. ​You're waiting for rates to fall....

    If you've watched any news headlines over the last year, you've seen a lot of talk about interest rates. We talk to a LOT of people who are thinking about making a move, and the most common thing we're hearing right now is that rates are too high. However, with so many people all waiting for rates to fall... what happens when they actually do come down?

    2. Buyers are willing to do what?

    As the year is coming to an end, let's recap what we've seen happen in the real estate market in 2023. Then... we'll take a look into how 2024 may look.

    3. Are you shopping like you're on Amazon?

    Are you shopping for a house the same way you shop on Amazon? Amazon has trained a lot of us to make purchases with one click and have the comfort of free delivery and returns. Yet, buying a home is very different than Amazon. I've noticed that a lot of home buyers are treating their home purchase this way. At least they're treating it that way until it comes time to actually buy. 

    4. Are you moving in 2024?

    If you're thinking about making a move in 2024, here are some actions for you to take. I have something if you are...

    • Buying your first home
    • Selling your home
    • Buying & Selling at the same time

    5. Which are you choosing?

    If you're debating if it's the right time to buy a home, this newsletter is for you. We're going to break down Renting vs. Owning. The good, the bad, and the ugly of both.


    My goal with this newsletter is to share valuable information weekly. Reply to this email and tell us which topics you found the most helpful or if there's something specific you want to learn about that we haven't covered yet. I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas.


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