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I've been sending our Friday newsletter for over a year now. Our goal is to share useful information with you so that when you decide to buy, sell, or invest in the housing market, you'll be well-informed. Our team went through the newsletters from the past year and picked out the ones that people liked the most. Whether you're new here or just want a refresher, here are the top 5 newsletters from the past year:

1. When Will Interest Rates Come Down

Interest rates have shifted, climbing from historic lows of 2.5% to a notable 7.5%. Which will come first: a drop in home prices or a decrease in interest rates? Learn about buyer affordability, how inventory affects the market, and what we think will happen first.

2. Golden Handcuffs for Owners
Homeowners who currently have interest rates between 2% and 5% might be facing a tough spot. Many people have to move, and waiting for interest rates to decrease may not be the best option. The good news is there are ways for homeowners to make a move if they feel stuck and want to change their situation. It's all about exploring the possibilities.

3. How Remote Work Affects the Housing Market
Remote work is changing how people live and where they live. Since 2020, people from big cities have been moving to places like Orange County. But now, some companies are saying employees can't work from home anymore. This raises a big question: What will happen to the housing market?

4. How to Stay in the Market
Many people are currently in a state of indecision when it comes to the real estate market. It's perfectly fine to be unsure whether to buy or sell, and it's okay to "sit on the fence" for a while. However, it's also a good idea to remain actively informed about the market. Staying engaged in the market, even when you're not yet certain about your decision, can be a valuable strategy. This way, when you are ready to make a move, you'll be well-prepared.

5. Buy Before You Sell
Buying and selling is stressful. We can make it easy. Imagine moving into your new home before you even think about selling your current home. You may be able to make your easiest move yet when you use the “Buy Before You Sell” Program

Our goal with this newsletter is to share useful information weekly. Reply to this email and tell us which topics you find most helpful or if there's something specific you want to learn about that we haven't covered yet. We'd love to know your thoughts and ideas.

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