What are Off-Market Opportunities?

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    Here is a topic that a lot of people don't talk about... and I think fewer people really understand.

    Off-Market Opportunities.

    What does off-market even mean?

    Well, I'm going to explain this from your point of view (a consumer), and then I'll loop in my perspective as a real estate agent. Then, I'll share with you why this is so important to anyone who either owns a home or wants to own a home.

    To define "off-market" - let's look at the opposite.

    The opposite of Off-Market is "On-Market."

    What does "On Market" mean?

    It means that the home has been listed for sale by a real estate agent. That agent uploads the listing to the MLS, which then publishes to websites like Zillow. Consumers can go to Zillow and see the listing. That is "on market".

    So, off-market means that a home is not listed for sale.

    Kind of... This is how it looks to you, the consumer.

    Stay with me here... We've all heard the saying, "Everything is for sale at the right price." That's mostly true.

    Honestly, I don't understand why more people don't take advantage of this...

    If you're even considering selling your home in the next few years, tell your agent! Tell them way ahead of time (or at least tell me). I'm not saying sign a contract that you're going to sell the house. Just tell them you're open to selling... at the right price.

    Here is how a real estate agent looks at an off-market opportunity... Someone who owns a home would consider selling it if they got the right price. Boom! Off-market opportunity.

    There are a couple of things that happen from here...

    First, that agent knows of a home that could be for sale, that nobody else knows about. (Known as a pocket listing)

    That agent can go and tell their potential buyers of a home for sale that they can't find on Zillow. Buyers LOVE the idea of getting a shot at something that nobody else knows about!

    If that agent finds a perfect buyer for that home that is willing to pay the right price, huge win for everyone.

    The seller doesn't have to list their home for sale, they don't have to deal with showings, open houses, staging, and so on...

    The buyers got the opportunity to see a home that almost nobody else knew about, and they didn't have to compete.

    Second, the agent gets the opportunity to "test the market" to see what buyers think of the price the sellers want. Worst case scenario, you have more information on whether you're too high or too low. This is extremely valuable information when it comes time to list the home for sale.

    Here is the problem. Most sellers don't let their agent know that they're thinking of selling until it's time to sell.

    Also, most agents have a very limited reach. They might have a small handful of potential buyers... What are the chances that your home fits what their buyers want? Not very high, but not impossible.

    Let me explain a completely different situation...

    If you don't know me, I'm the Owner & Team Leader of Onyx Homes. The reason I bring that up is because my company and I aren't like most other agents. Specifically for this situation, we are different because we have a HUGE reach.

    For example, this weekly email newsletter you're readying goes to 11,000+ people every Friday. We've been sending this newsletter for over a year and a half, every week.

    We also have 30,000+ people who have let us know that they're thinking about buying or selling a home in the future.

    On top of that, we have a ton of relationships with other agents. Just at our brokerage, we have over 1,800 local agents that we share off-market information with. We also have a ton of relationships outside of that...

    What I'm saying is... we hear of a lot of off-market opportunities.

    As I mentioned before, I don't understand why more people don't take advantage of these opportunities...

    Part of the problem is that it isn't easy to raise your hand as someone that is thinking of selling. I'm going to make this easy for you to do. I made a page on our website for you to add your home to our off-market opportunity list.

    Here is what will happen.

    1. You'll fill out some basic information about your home

    2. We add you to our Off-Market Opportunity list

    3. We'll share the estimated value of your home

    4. You name your price, seriously

    5. We try to match your home to our buyers at your price

    That's it. Super simple. Worst case, you receive your estimated home value and nothing comes of it. Best case, you sell your home off-market and get your price.

    Sounds like a win-win to me!

    Also, there is absolutely ZERO cost or obligation. By filling out the form, all you're saying is that you might consider selling at the price you name.

    Here is the link to the page on our website - Click Here

    Plus, if you're a buyer that would like to know about off-market opportunities, here is what to do.

    If you're already working with one of our Onyx Agents, great. Make sure they know what you're looking for and ask them to add you to our Off-Market Opportunity list.

    If you aren't working with one of our agents yet (you should be), go to SoCalHomesForSale.com and set up your criteria of what you're looking for, and save your search. This will let us know what you're looking for and will tell you everything that is already on the market.

    When we match an off-market opportunity to you, you'll know right away.

    That's it! Hope you found this helpful; talk soon!

    PS - Here are the links again…

    Homeowners, go to this page on our website - Click Here

    Buyers, go to SoCalHomesForSale.com and set up your saved search.  


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