Is Mission Viejo safe to live in?

Are you considering moving to Mission Viejo? It's important to understand how safe the city is before making the move.

How Safe Do Residents Feel? 

Mission Viejo is one of the safest cities in Orange County. In 2022, it ranked as the 7th safest city in the United States.

According to, 65% of Mission Viejo residents feel extremely safe. Additionally, 31% have some safety concerns but still feel safe overall. During the same survey, over 65% of residents feel the police are present and responsive in Mission Viejo.

Crime Statistics

Mission Viejo's crime rate is 70% lower than the entire state. According to crime statistics, it is rare but not impossible to be a victim of crime in the city.

  • Overall Crime Rate: 12 in 1000 residents
  • Violent Crime Rate: 1 in 1000 residents
  • Property Crime rate: 11 in 1000 residents


If homelessness is a concern, the city has little to no it. Unlike cities like Los Angeles and San Diego, there are no homeless encampments. Driving through the entire city, you will see clean streets and manicured landscaping. 


Overall, it is safer than most cities in the country. Like anywhere else in the world, there is still crime, but it is minimal compared to other cities—even other cities in Orange County. 

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