Explaining the Home-Buying Process

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    Are you shopping for a house the same way you shop on Amazon?

    Amazon has trained a lot of us to make purchases with one click and have the comfort of free delivery and returns.

    Yet, buying a home is very different than Amazon. I've noticed that a lot of home buyers are treating their home purchase this way. At least they're treating it that way until it comes time to actually buy.

    There is a question that we ask all our clients, and we're always amazed at the answer... The question is...

    "Has anyone taken the time to explain the home-buying process to you?"

    The amazing part is that 95% of people say no. Nobody has taken the time to explain anything to me. Also, it's important to mention that we are usually NOT the first real estate agent someone talks to. We are often referred, or people find us online when they start looking for help.

    You may think everyone who answers no to this question is a first-time home buyer. You would actually be wrong.

    Recently, I sat down with a family that had bought and sold 7 different times. When we went over the process and explained what happens, this is what she said to me...

    "I've bought and sold 14 times in my life, and you're the first person to explain this to me."

    As crazy as this may sound, we hear things like this daily.

    Here at Onyx Homes, we pride ourselves on a consultative sales approach. Not to make this email about us, but even our name has meaning here. The meaning behind onyx is that it symbolizes protection. Our goal is to protect our clients AND their real estate.

    Is that cheesy? Maybe. But it's true.

    When most home buyers are thinking about buying a home, they're thinking of the price. The reality is that there are so many other parts of a sale to consider.

    Price is one of many parts, and more often than you would think, it isn't the most important.

    Here is a brief rundown of some other terms that are important in a sale:

    • Investigation contingencies
    • Appraisal and loan contingencies
    • Timelines of each contingency
    • Credits to buyer/seller
    • Warranties
    • Closing costs and other fees
    • Closing timeline
    • What’s included or excluded from the sale
    • Type of loan
    • Strength of approval letter
    • Proof of funds

    There's more, but I'm sure you get the point.

    These are all the things that we cover in our Buyer Strategy Session that we do with all our clients.

    If you're considering making a move next year (or sooner), here is my question to you...

    "Has anyone taken the time to explain the home-buying process to you?"

    If not, you should set up your strategy session with one of our local experts. We cover...

    1. How our clients are taking advantage of the current market
    2. How we keep you protected through the entire transaction
    3. How we negotiate the best deal regardless of the circumstances

    Already working with an Onyx agent? Great, reach out to them and set yours up.

    Not working with us yet? What are you waiting for?? You can click here to set up your strategy session with a local expert.

    PS - For the window shoppers out there, check out the most recent homes to get price reductions. I put a list together on SoCalHomesForSale.com for you to check out.

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