Buyer Strategy Session Case Studies

We saved our clients $1.26m for our clients in 2023.

Based on our average price point of $935k...

That comes out to 1.26% on average when buying their home.

Put simply, we save our clients $11,780 on average.

Now this might sound like a lot of savings, and it is. But it's a bit misleading... 2023 was a competitive market. 30% of the home buyers that we represented needed to pay above the asking price.

Which means the 70% of clients that didn't have to pay over asking, we saved them WAY MORE than $1.26m on their purchases.

Now, I know what you're thinking... we weren't able to save the 30% that paid above asking price any money. I understand you thinking that, that's not right.


Case Study #1 - Saving a ton of money

  • First-time home buyer
  • Getting a loan with 20% down payment
  • $1.3m budget

First-time home buyer find a home that they want to buy. This buyer followed our advice and went through a buyer strategy session. They were comfortable and confident and took our advice on how to structure their offer.

The house they 'had to have' had a lot of interest in it, with 8 competing offers, including cash offers.

We got our clients offer accepted. Yes, our client paid over asking price, but there was an offer that was $75,000 higher than our offer. That means we saved out client 5.76% at least.

Not to mention, the appraisal came in on this property $50k over what our client paid for the home. Talk about a huge saving.

Happy client that saved a ton of money.


There are a ton of different strategies that we use to make sure we're saving our clients as much as possible. We break them down into three different categories that we cover in our Buyer Strategy Sessions.

  1. What our clients are doing to take advantage of the market

  2. How we keep you protected through the entire process

  3. How we negotiate the best deal possible

There are over 150+ negotiation points and 500+ pages of documents in every deal. There is a lot of room for mistakes, which is why trusting your purchase with a team of experts is so important.

Protecting you brings us to our next case study...


Case Study #2 - Protecting our client from getting eaten alive

  • Seasoned home buyer relocating from out-of-state

  • $750k budget

This case study is about a house that our client almost bought. This client worked with us for several months getting used to the area and finding what area they liked.

When we landed on a townhome complex and wrote an offer. This client also took our advice on structuring the offer, we got our offer accepted below market value, huge win.

We did all our diligence, as we do with all clients, and negotiated repairs. The day before we were supposed to close, we caught the seller in a lie. Long story short, we found out that the buyer would be responsible for a $20k termite repair after closing. Yikes.

The seller was threatening to keep our clients deposit if they didn't move forward with the sale. Good thing we know what we're doing. We were able to prove the seller lied and was liable. We ended up cancelling the deal without any cost to our buyer. If our client wasn't working with an experienced team like ours, it could have cost them $XX,000 and had them stuck buying a home they didn't want in the end.

Happy ending. We found a better townhome the next week and we were able to win against 14 other offers because of our terms.


It's always been amazing to me how many home buyers treat their purchase as if they're buying something on Amazon and can return it for free if they don't like it. Crazy and scary, to be honest.

You don't need to treat it the same way. Your agent, hopefully an Onyx Agent, should have a team to protect you at every angle. As an example, in case study #2 above, the agent wasn't the one who found the lie from the seller. It was the licensed transaction manager, the person who goes through all 500+ pages for the agent that found it. This allowed the agent to dive in and press on the seller's agent which is where the truth came out.

Pro-Tip: Most agents will outsource this job to a 3rd party. Often, agents charge their buyers for this service, on top of their commission! Can you imagine? I can't.

That is one of the many reasons that we have had this position on our team (almost) since day one. This is an employee of Onyx Homes with a team behind them to make sure we don't miss anything. And of course, we don't charge our clients an extra fee.


Case Study #3 - We HAVE to have this house!

  • Experienced home buyer
  • Coming in from out-of-state
  • Referred from another happy past client :)

After a year of working together to narrow the search, we found a home that our client HAD to have. This often happens when a buyer finds a home that they love. The idea of getting a 'deal' goes out the window. They told us, "write whatever offer we need to to get the deal done. Go above asking if we need to.”

This is one of our favorite things to hear, and not for the reason you may think. Not because it means we are doing a deal... because it shows a clear line of how much money we save our client. Our client was willing to pay $1.45m for this home, or more if needed.

We do what we do, and negotiated a deal for our clients to buy the same house for $1.35m. $100k in savings from what our client told us they were OK paying. A 7% savings is HUGE.

All this while making their move from out of state as easy on them as possible.

Another happy client that got the house they wanted and got a deal on it.


I could go on forever with case study examples like this, but for time's sake, I'll cut it off here. If you want to learn about how we do this for our clients every day, let's set up a Buyer Strategy Session.

There is no cost or obligation to you; all you need to invest is your time. I jokingly say that this will take between 20 minutes and 2 hours; it just depends on how many questions you ask. The reason I 'joking' say that is that most of the time, people in your shoes have a lot of questions. We always set aside 2 hours, but you can plan on about 45 minutes.

We always cover the three major points...

  1. What our clients are doing to take advantage of the market

  2. How we keep you protected through the entire process

  3. How we negotiate you the best deal possible

Unless that sounds like a waste of time, you can schedule your strategy session by visiting this link - click here

Already working with an Onyx Agent? Awesome, you can reach out to them directly and ask to set one up. Or if you go to the website and plug in your info, your agent will reach out.


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