Best Neighborhoods in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, one of Orange County’s most central cities, has 25 neighborhoods. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best neighborhoods in Costa Mesa, California. 

Cliff Haven 


Cliff Haven is a small neighborhood. It lies between 19th and 15th Streets.

It also lies between Irvine Avenue and Santa Ana Avenue. A small section of the neighborhood extends to the 55 freeway. This place is good for people who need to go to Irvine, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, and San Diego. Close to the 55 Freeway and 73 Toll Road.


Cliff Haven is a prime location in Costa Mesa. Residents are close to grocery stores, restaurants, bars, parks…truly anything you need. The neighborhood is great for young adults, families, and empty nesters. You really can’t go wrong! 

If you are active, you will love that residents ride their bikes everywhere. You are also a short drive from the Back Bay which is a beautiful spot to walk, run, bike, etc. 

You are also a short drive from Newport Beach if you are looking to sail, surf, or explore what Newport has to offer. 

Real Estate 

Costa Mesa is a desirable location to live in Orange County, especially Cliff Haven. As of March 2024, the median real estate price is $1,650,135. The neighborhood primarily consists of small—to medium-sized single-family homes built between 1940 and 1969. Housing supply is tight in Cliffhaven, which has a 2.2% vacancy rate as of today. 

If you are looking for tract homes, Cliff Haven may not be your spot. The area is nice. Each house has its own unique features.

Some people renovated the houses. Others are still original. If you are looking for a house with character, I recommend checking out this neighborhood today.

Newport Mesa 


Newport Mesa is near Cliff Haven but closer to the Back Bay. The neighborhood runs from Santa Isabel Ave to East 20th St and Irvine Ave to Santa Ana Ave. In Newport Mesa, you will also have close access to the 73 toll road and 55 Freeway. Something to note about this location is that you will hear the airplanes from John Wayne Airport taking off. 


Like Cliffhaven, you will be close to a lot of popular spots in Costa Mesa. Instead of walking or biking to the hot spots, you may need to drive depending on who you are. People who live nearby can easily go to Back Bay. They can walk, run, bike, and see beautiful views of the bay and mustard flowers. 

Real Estate

The median real estate price in Newport Mesa is $1,854,672. The neighborhood primarily consists of medium-to-large-sized single-family residences built between 1940 and 1969. A neighborhood with homes that all have their own characteristics; this will be a theme throughout Costa Mesa. Housing supply in Newport Mesa is a little bit more available than in Cliffhaven, with a 7.1% vacancy rate. 

Eastside Costa Mesa 


Eastside Costa Mesa neighbors Newport Mesa. The neighborhood runs from Santa Isabel Ave to East 21st St and Santa Ana Ave to the 55 Fwy. You will have quick access to the 55 which is great for commuting to the 405, 5, and 91 freeways. This is going to get you easy access anywhere if you are looking to commute. 


The lifestyle in Eastside Costa Mesa is going to be the same as Cliff Haven and Newport Mesa. 

Real Estate

The median real estate price in Eastside is $1,284,243. The neighborhood has small to medium-sized houses and apartments built between 1940 and 1969. Similar to other neighborhoods, Eastside Costa Mesa has a low housing supply with a 6.1% vacancy rate. 

The Island Streets


We are moving to a different part of Costa Mesa, past the 55 freeway, closer to the 405 freeway. The Island Streets neighborhood runs from Adams Ave to Gisler Ave and Harbor Blvd to the Santa Ana River. You can easily access the 405 freeway from here. It goes to Long Beach and Los Angeles in the north, and Irvine in the south. 


This part of the city offers a different lifestyle. People live near large stores and malls. The neighborhood has a suburban feel similar to Orange County.

This is different from the other areas we discussed. Within the neighborhood, there is the Mesa Verde golf course, so if you like golfing, you have to check this neighborhood out. 

Real Estate

The median real estate price in this neighborhood is $1,641,923. The Island Streets have mostly medium to large single-family homes and small apartment buildings built from 1940 to 1969.

Housing supply is low with a 2.1% vacancy rate. You aren’t going to see much come on the market here, and when you do, it is going to be competitive. If you are interested in

This neighborhood has homes built during World War II. Soldiers returning from war owned many, buying them with the GI bill. If you are looking for an Americana type of feel, this is your neighborhood. 

Mesa Verde


Mesa Verde neighbors the Island Streets. The neighborhood runs from Victoria St to Adams Ave and Placentia Ave to the Santa Ana River. If you are looking for easy access to the 405 Freeway, I would explore moving to this neighborhood. 


Within the neighborhood, you will have two parks—Fairview Park and Talbert Regional Park. Your lifestyle here will be similar to the Island Streets, with close access to larger shopping centers and strip malls. 


The median real estate price is $1,010,428. Mesa Verde is a good option in Costa Mesa with easier entry. We discussed how it differs from other neighborhoods. To explore Costa Mesa with less difficulty, Mesa Verde is a good choice.

The area mostly has small to medium-sized houses and townhomes built between 1970 and 1999. These homes are on the newer side compared to the other neighborhoods we’ve discussed. This area is 25.2% rowhouses or attached homes which is also different from the neighborhoods we discussed before.


Costa Mesa is one of the most desired cities to live in Orange County. A ton of small businesses and unique things to do make it different from other cities in Orange County. 

If you are looking to move to Costa Mesa, contact one of our local experts and they can start your home search for you.

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